Medically reviewed by: Maher Jandali DMD, MD

Almost everyone in Naperville finds themselves having to deal with wisdom teeth at some point in their lives. This third set of molars general make their appearance—or attempt to—sometime in the late teens or early 20s. Due to wisdom teeth often leading to other oral health problems, it is best to have an oral surgeon like Drs. Jandali and Hur perform an evaluation to determine when and if wisdom teeth removal is necessary.

When Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Necessary

To find out if you should have wisdom teeth removal, the best thing you can do is schedule an initial consultation at Oral and Facial Surgery of Naperville. During this first appointment, our oral surgeons will be able to perform a full evaluation, take X-rays and images to determine the position of your wisdom teeth, and discuss the procedure with you.

There are many reasons why wisdom teeth removal might be necessary for you, as these pesky molars cause more problems than their worth, including:

Susceptibility to Decay and Infection

Many patients in Naperville experience impacted wisdom teeth, which is when the teeth attempt to come in at an angle—unsuccessfully. With this partial eruption, tiny cuts are created in the gums, which allows food particles and bacteria to get caught underneath the gumline. Because patients are unable to effectively clean these areas, wisdom teeth and the surrounding gums and teeth are more likely to experience decay or infection.

Cyst Formation

Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form within the jawbone. When patients have impacted wisdom teeth, they are more susceptible to cyst formation around them. Without wisdom teeth removal, cysts can cause damage to the jawbone and neighboring teeth.

Cosmetic Changes to Your Smile

Most patients simply do not have enough room left within their mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth when they attempt to emerge from the gumline. As wisdom teeth push to claim their spot in your mouth, they can cause overcrowding and misalignment of your other teeth, which in turn causes cosmetic changes to your smile you’ll likely be unhappy with.

Pain and Discomfort

Wisdom teeth removal allows our patients to find relief from persistent pain and discomfort caused by wisdom teeth. Some may experience pain and swelling in the back of their mouths, while others experience regular headaches caused by the pressure the teeth are putting om the jaw.

Should I Have Wisdom Teeth Removal Before a Certain Age?

While everyone receives their wisdom teeth at different ages, Drs. Jandali and Hur recommend wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible once the teeth are ready to erupt. This is because the jawbone gets stronger and harder as one gets older; therefore, removing wisdom teeth for someone in their late teens or early 20s is easier than removing them for someone in their 30s.

Call Oral and Facial Surgery of Naperville to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we mentioned above, or if your general dentist has suggested you consider wisdom teeth removal, do not wait to call to schedule your initial consultation. Once your case is reviewed, our oral surgeons will be able to make a recommendation that is best for you.

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