At Oral and Facial Surgery of Naperville, our office is open and we are ready to serve our patients with safe, quality care. Our team has always been diligent about strict cleanliness standards, and we have increased our efforts to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. Both the OSHA standards and CDC guidelines are implemented in our ongoing office practices.

We are looking forward to resuming treatments while continuing to provide the care our patients know and love. Our commitment is to keep you safe and provide you with top-notch oral surgery care.

How We are Protecting Our Patients

Here is an overview of the steps we are taking to protect all patients, and a few things you can expect during your appointment:

  • Screening: All patients are screened with a questionnaire to check for COVID symptoms. If a patient has symptoms or has recently had contact with a COVID patient, then the patient will not be seen in the office.

COVID-19 Screening Form

  • Temperature: When patients enter our office, their temperature is taken as part of the screening process.
  • Washing: After the initial screening is complete, we ask that patients wash their face and hands thoroughly. Additionally, a disinfecting rinse is provided to be used by each patient before their appointment.
  • Masks: When patients are waiting to be seated in the examination rooms, they will be asked to wear a mask. Additionally, masks are worn when leaving the office.
  • Seating: The waiting room chairs are separated 6 feet apart. Additionally, the appointments are staggered to ensure that no more than 2 to 3 patients are in the waiting room at a time.
  • Companions: It’s important to have a companion provide transportation after the appointment, especially when a patient has been under anesthesia. All companions are asked to wait in the car until it is time to send the patient home.
  • Air Purifiers: Our office uses medical-grade air purifiers to bring in clean, fresh air and reenergize the air constantly.
  • Surfaces: All surfaces are disinfected regularly, including the counter tops, door handles, and chairs.

Staff Equipment and Precautions

Not only are we proactive in protecting our patients, but our staff members are taking extra precautions to ensure that everyone is healthy. When staff members enter the office, their temperature is taken and screening is done to check for symptoms.

Reception staff members are wearing both gloves and masks at all times. The clinic staff is using the recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including:

  • Head cap
  • N95 mask
  • Face shield
  • Gloves
  • Gown

Our Commitment to Your Health and Safety

We will continue to monitor the situation, follow the guidelines from health officials, and maintain unwavering caution to protect our patients. If you or someone in your household has any symptoms, we ask that you don’t come to the office.

You are welcome to call us anytime if you need to talk to a doctor, schedule an appointment, or have questions about available services. Contact us today!