Medically reviewed by: Maher Jandali DMD, MD

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common types of oral surgery procedures performed by Drs. Jandali and Hur at Oral and Facial Surgery of Naperville. In fact, hundreds of patients visit us each year to have their wisdom teeth removed. With their years of experience and commitment to using only the best techniques and technologies available, Drs. Jandali and Hur are able to perform this procedure quickly and easily.

If you’ve been considering wisdom teeth removal, or your general dentist or another oral healthcare provider has told you that you should start thinking about having your wisdom teeth removed, you’re likely wondering what you can expect from the procedure, and more specifically, how long the procedure will take to complete. To help you prepare for surgery, we’re going to talk more about this below, so keep reading!

The Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

As we mentioned, Drs. Jandali and Hur have years of experience performing wisdom teeth removal and have perfected various techniques, allowing their patients to experience less discomfort and enjoy a faster recovery period.

When you come in for your surgery, you’ll receive either local anesthesia or IV sedation, whichever the two of you decided on during your initial consultation. Dental sedation is meant to make you as comfortable as possible, so if you’d rather not be aware of any aspect of your surgery, consider IV sedation. On the other hand, if you’d like to be awake during your wisdom teeth removal, local anesthesia would be the best choice.

After you have been made comfortable, Drs. Jandalia and Hur will begin your procedure. Most wisdom teeth removal procedures usually take between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, and patients should only be in the office for about 90 minutes total.

There are two types of wisdom teeth removal procedures, simple and complex. Which technique you will require will be based on the position of your wisdom teeth:

Simple Wisdom Teeth Removal

This type of extraction is considered simple because the wisdom teeth are exposed, meaning they have fully erupted through the gum line. With this procedure, Drs. Jandali and Hur will only need to grasp the visible part of the teeth to remove them. Most patients in Naperville will experience a relatively quick procedure and will not have any incisions when a simple extraction is used.

Complex Wisdom Teeth Removal

This type of wisdom teeth removal is more common, as most patients experience impacted wisdom teeth, meaning that their teeth have not been able to erupt from the gum line. Oftentimes, impacted wisdom teeth are positioned sideways beneath the gums and are pushed against neighboring teeth. During a complex wisdom teeth removal procedure, Drs. Jandali and Hur will create a small incision in order to access the teeth below the gum line and remove them. This type of procedure requires the skill of an experienced oral surgeon, and usually, patients choose to receive general anesthesia for this procedure.

After your wisdom teeth removal, your oral surgeon will release you to the care of a trusted adult who will drive you home and be with you as you recover.

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